Game Changing Tracer Unit for Glock 19

The Genesis series is a range of tracer units designed to integrate seamlessly with

Glock pistols, provide unparalleled performance and customization options for

the most demanding airsoft players.


4-in-1 Multifunction

The flagship product of the Genesis series is the ACETECH Genesis standard

version, a tracer unit that packs a punch with its colored flash beam, tactical

torch, chronograph, and red laser.


Unmatched Performance and Customization

The Genesis tracer unit boasts a rechargeable battery with Type-C fast

charging, ensuring that players never miss a beat during their airsoft


The tracer unit is also designed to be portable, with a perfect weight

balance, allowing airsoft players to move quickly and effectively on the


For added versatility, the Genesis tracer unit can be connected to the

AceSoft app to function as a chronograph, providing airsoft players with

the ability to measure the velocity of their airsoft BBs accurately.


"The Genesis series of tracers from Acetech is a game-changer for airsoft players who demand the

best performance and customization options from their tracer units," said a spokesperson for Acetech.

"These tracer units are designed to be as aggressive as the players who use them, providing

unmatched versatility, customization, and performance on the battlefield. With the Genesis series,

airsoft players can now take their gameplay to the next level and dominate the competition."


The Genesis series of tracers from Acetech is available now. Airsoft players

can visit the Acetech website or their local airsoft retailer to get their

hands on these game-changing tracer units.