Owner: blackout_50.cal

Team: team_blackout_uk

"All my new parts from www.hicapahub.co.uk and second-hand older/rarer parts

from other Hi Capa builders. I choose to build with mainly Airsoft Masterpiece parts

because they are the best quality on the market for sale. Both Hi Capas run

an Acetech Bifrost tracer and a Primary Airsoft HPA M4 adaptor."

Build List:

Airsoft Masterpiece:

  • Advance STI 2011 frame
  • Grip screws
  • Shuey open slide and comp kit(pink)
  • BBU (Blowback Unit) open
  • Trigger (Pink)
  • Trigger bow
  • Brass hop unit
  • Hex hammer
  • Disconnect
  • Knocker lock with AM spring
  • Valve knocker with AM spring
  • CNC hammer sear
  • Guide rod
  • Sear spring
  • Beaver tail
  • Slide catch
  • Guide rod plug
  • Hammer top plug
  • Spring & plunger
  • Hammer spring lock
  • Infinity mag well (pink)


  • 2011 Staccato grip


  • Thread protector

Nine Ball:

  • 2Single thumb safety


  • Elite nozzle
  • UAC OG inner barrel 6.01 mm
  • Elite nozzle
  • AIP 120% recoil spring
  • AIP 140% nozzle spring
  • Laylax mag release
  • Dynamic precision cocking handle
  • JLP short stroke kit
  • Dynamic precision cocking handle
  • Maple Leaf decepticon hop rubber 70°