ACETECH THOR QD Teacet Unit Overview.

THOR QD tracer unit comes with a quick-detach mechanism designed for Krytac Kriss Vector. Not only with fine appearance but also easy to use.


Modular Design.

By removing the front cap with a twist, the module inside can be taken out easily and replaced with other modules from Acetech.
The inner space diameter of THOR is 28mm(D)*73.5mm(L). Any tracer units or modules smaller than the space can be put inside the THOR.



  • Unique design for Krytac Kriss Vector.
  • Works with Other ACETECH Tracer Units(Brighter C/ Blaster M/ Bifrost M).
  • Dimensions (L x D): 202mm x 46.5mm.
  • Button QD Style Installation.
  • Suitable for gel BBs and green tracer BBs.



For more details, go to THOR.