Have you ever thought about joining the Darkside, or tried to roleplay as a light side trooper. Well, now you can, with the Acetech BT Tracer!!!!



So, what is the BT tracer? Is it another generic green tracer unit or does it bring something new to the table?

The Acetech BT tracer unit is a moderate size tracer available in both Black and Tan colors. Though the Tan seems more like a burnt

bronze color, still, it is pretty cool and unique. The internal module is different from the other Acetech offerings and is proprietary to

the BT. This is because the BT can shoot green and red tracer BBs, in addition, it also can act as a chronograph device. 


Now you maybe asking, "well my standard green tracer unit can shoot red tracers as well, why do I need the BT tracer?". Well, it is

true that some tracer units that were designed to shoot green tracers, can also shoot red tracers, but it will not be as bright or reliable

as a dedicated red tracer unit. This is because the red and green color spectrum is different and it takes a different frequency light

emitter to successfully eliminate either red or green tracers. The BT tracer unit has both types of emitters built inside so the

illumination of the red tracer BBs will be just as good as the green tracer.


Below is the Dimensions and specs:

  • Size: 100.5mm (L) x 34.5mm (D)
  • Weight: 78g
  • 35 RPS firing speed
  • Charge time of 2hrs with a usage time of 30000rds




Upon opening the packaging, you will be greeted with the BT tracer unit, the pistol thread adapter, micro-USB charging cable, and

replacement front cap. The product box is nothing special, just your standard cardboard box, but Acetech does make a good effort in

bubble wrapping the tracer unit to prevent any damage during transport. 


Taking the unit out, we can notice the thick aluminum body and parkerized coating of the unit. Unlike Acetech's other tracers with a

smooth paint job, the BT tracer has a parkerized feel to it, especially when it comes to the Tan version. The overall unit size is about

half that of the AT1000 series lengthwise, with a rough size akin to the Lighter R series. However, unlike the Lighter R, the inner unit

cannot be removed from the body.


Moving to the rear we an see this outer protruding ring, taking the ring off, we can then gain access to and remove the thread

adapters. By default, it is 14mm CCW but they also include a 11mm CCW inner thread adapter for use with pistols. The tracer power

button can also be found here with a single button next to the LED indicator.


Internal Module

What really makes the BT tracer unique is the internal module with the built in chronograph. We already established that the unit can

hoot red and green tracers. All you will need to do is put in either red or green tracer BBs in your mag and the tracer unit will auto

detect the type of color that you are using. Easy. Simple. Done.


For the chronograph, Acetech did not dumb down the features just because it was an add-on to a tracer unit. They have included the

full data suite found in their AC6000 chronos. The BT can track your rounds per second (RPS), speed (FPS/MS), and Joules. You can

also modify the chrono settings for the weight of BB that you are testing with. The BT, similar to it's bigger brother the AC6000, can

give you read outs for your Minimum, Maximum, and Average speed readings. You get all of this data from the convince of your own

phone, and no, you do not need Wi-Fi to do this, as the BT uses Bluetooth connection. 


The only thing you will need to do is install the Acetech App which is available for both Android and Apple users. The internal module

is rechargeable, with a micro-USB port under the front cap which you can plug into a computer or power brick adapter. 



"This is great and all, but why do I need a tracer unit with a built in chrono?"


For the majority of players out there, you probably do not tech your own guns or consult and professional technician to do so. As a

player the only thing you are really concerned about is the muzzle velocity speed that your gun is shooting, in order to comply with

the field limits. A lot of the times you can get a muzzle velocity check at the field or your local airsoft shop. Chronographs really

benefit technicians since they need to see more in-depth data or field organizers in order to test player's guns. 


However, what a lot of players might use are tracers, either for large milsim events where there is a potential for night engagements,

or indoor CQB use to see where your BBs are impacting. Most tracers and chronos sit in the $100 range,this can be expensive for

some, so why not get a tracer that can also double as a makeshift chrono for a decent price. 


Since the BT tracer unit uses 14mm CCW threads which is the most common threading you can test the muzzle velocity of most if

not all of your guns. It can also shoot any tracer colors available on the market! (usually Red and Green). It is an all-in-one package

for what most players are looking for, it is also a decent size and weight, it is truly Acetech's best offering.


Source from triggerairsoft.com.