ACETECH Raider Tracer Unit Overview.

The Acetech Raider Tracer Unit is for use on airsoft guns that have a 14mm threaded
(for use on 14mm CCW or 11mm CW w/included adapter) barrel.
Built-in battery that's rechargeable with USB (included).



  • Dimensions: length 96 mm, diameter 39 mm.
  • The Raider features a breaching muzzle brake design.
  • Highly durable aluminum alloy construction.
  • Includes a tracer unit module.
  • Works with Other ACETECH Tracer Units( Bifrost M/ Blaster M).
  • Support green tracer BBs.


Set With:

  • Tracer module(Blaster M or Bifrost M) *1
  • Micro-USB charging cable *1
  • Tracer unit protection case *1
  • User Manual *1